Community involvement is a very important part of Vallen. Vallen is a proud supporter of charitable organizations and the Vallen team is involved in many different events and activities that help make our communities better.

Charities & Fundraisers


  • Recreation for Life Foundation Golf Tournament
  • Cross Cancer Institute Golf Classic


  • The United Way of Fort McMurray “Community Builder Award”
  • The United Way 2012 Employee Campaign Chair of the Year — Heidi Griesbauer
  • Goodwill Employer of the Year, 2010 and 2011 – Ray Bolin

Health, Safety & Environment

Vallen manages a well established and very effective health and safety management system that ensures that the company has the resources to proactively attend to all workplace health and safety issues and to position health and safety as an equal partner in the overall business plan. The company employs corporate safety professionals for program development and implementation as well as individuals at each branch location who have been assigned responsibilities as branch safety representatives.

Vallen believes in the concept and application of an Internal Responsibility System (IRS), a system in which everyone has direct responsibility, and accountability, for their own and their co-workers’ safety. This IRS has become the one of the cornerstones of the company’s health and safety management system.

The company has achieved and annually maintains a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Government that validates the health and safety management system and ensures that it is evolving to continually lower incident rates and solidify engagement by all Vallen employees.

Leadership for health and safety starts at the apex of the organization and flows down to all levels of employees: managers, supervisors and associates. Senior management understands that health and safety is a necessary aspect of the business, not just from the expectations of the customers and clients, but also to keep workers as safe as possible from the hazards they are exposed to while performing their assigned work.

As the management system has evolved, Vallen has identified and implemented a number of initiatives that not only simplifies, but also strengthens some of the processes. One of these initiatives is the establishment of the Branch Safety Representatives, employees who incorporate health and safety as part of their regular duties and who act as a resource for their fellow workers and management. The introduction of the pocket-sized 1st Step Employee Reporting booklet, was an easy solution to encourage employee reporting of near misses, incidents and non-compliant behaviour and engage them with the safety program. Communicating health and safety information to employees using a standard Health, Safety and Environment communication board not only provides ready access to important health and safety policies and programs, but also showcases the contributions that are being made to further the overall health and safety management system.