You’re conducting a company HSE Inspection, or perhaps you’re doing an internal audit for your Certificate of Recognition. Where do you go to get the answers to the questions:

  • Is the written/signed health and safety policy prominently posted or made available to the worker?
  • Are the company rules prominently posted or provided to each worker?
  • Are ongoing meetings held regularly and documented as per policy?
  • Are inspection reports posted and/or communicated to appropriate employees?
  • Have (investigation) corrective actions been communicated to the workers?
  • Are copies of relevant legislation posted and/or available at each workplace?
  • Are employees aware of their rights and responsibility and how to exercise them?

Finding the documentation, in the Safety Manual or in the file folders, and pulling out proof of ‘communication’ can be an onerous task!

Vallen has developed a company-standard, the HSE Board.

Health, Safety & Environment Board

The HSE Board allows for a ‘one-stop shop’ for these documents and, placed in a central area convenient to employees, ensures that workers can be kept up-to-date with Company Polices, Rules, Right and Responsibilities, as well as branch meetings, inspections, date of next meeting, Branch Safety Representative name, all in addition to regular ToolBox Talks, Safety Notifications, and Investigation findings.

The Health, Safety and Environment Boards are made of diabond (plastic substrate between 2 sheets of thin aluminum) and the front surface has a white finish with the flagging tape, the title and document categories part of the white finish. The documents are contained in long, clear, document holders, divided into pockets for insertion of documents.

There is no need to write on the board, nor does it need any pins, tape, clips or other fastening methods.

The HSE board remains neat and clean at all times and is sturdy, made to last for many, many years. Employees can simply lift an item out of the holder, read it, and then replace it.

These Health, Safety & Environment boards are becoming an important tool in CenturyVallen’s (now Vallen’s) ongoing effort to involve everyone in Safety, all the time and in a timely fashion.

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