It is always an inspiring thing to see an organization come together and do something amazing for their community. We do not often think of companies and corporations as being kind or compassionate, but when the company is filled with people of incredible generosity and community spirit, the company itself cannot help but change along the way.

United WayCenturyVallen (now Vallen) is one such company. Known for their involvement in the community and the impressive list of charitable accomplishments it is no wonder CenturyVallen (now Vallen) staff was able to smash their 2011 United Way Campaign goal of $6,000 in just two weeks. And six weeks into the campaign, CVers (now Valleners) are poised to reach an impressive $12,000-13,000 in giving and fundraising when their efforts for the United Way are completed for 2011 at the end of November. It should be pointed out, last year the employees raised just over $5,000 during their campaign. So, what changed this group to be able to more than double their contributions?

Great Ideas – In the past there were always great ideas…but, this year the ideas have been non-stop. Who could have imagined anyone could maintain a game of bingo for 4 weeks across 5 provinces? And really, trying it again the next month? Taking advantage of super-creative, super-enthusiastic employees to come up with the next big thing in fundraising experience, has paid off big time – whether it be auctioning off non-performing inventory, selling tickets for a chance to win a parking stall, or raffling off time to spend with the big boss (with him doing your job, nonetheless).

Great People – No effort can be enough to succeed if you cannot inspire and encourage. The people CenturyVallen (now Vallen) has in charge of their United Way campaign are second to none. Dedicated and creative, passionate and persuasive, the volunteers that make up the CenturyVallen (now Vallen) United Way committee have spent endless hours creating a fundraising program both profitable and fun. They have made the realization that sometimes it is possible to garner donations without people feeling they have done any giving. By creating activities of value (value to the employees because of the level of fun, or by their own profit), the committee has created a charitable program certain to succeed far into the future.

Great Support – Every level of CenturyVallen (now Vallen) has participated in the United Way campaign this year. And this is in large part because of the involvement of the company’s leaders, at every level. Branch Managers, Supervisors, the Executive team, and all of the organizations informal leaders have stepped up and participated in one way or another, and to great success. The willingness of these leaders to step up and commit to the cause makes everyone pause to notice. It makes everyone see it is not only just words spoken, but deeds being done and this is one of the greatest influencers an employee can have.

Awesome Generosity – Whether it be time, money or prizes – the employee base at CenturyVallen (now Vallen) is generosity itself. With the 2011 campaign almost at an end, discussions have already started, planning for 2012. The CenturyVallen (now Vallen) belief it is not just one day, one month, or one campaign, but rather a continuation or a beginning of something greater, is inspiring. Many companies can learn from the CV spirit.

Two weeks remain in the 2011 United Way campaign, and the end is in sight. What the number will be at the end of the day is uncertain. What is known is how dedicated, generous and amazing the efforts of the employees of CenturyVallen (now Vallen) have been over the past six weeks. If I was a betting woman – I would not be surprised if CenturyVallen (now Vallen) will raise over $15,000 by the time the 2011 campaign comes to a close.

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