5 ways CenturyVallen (now Vallen) is a one-stop shop for all your compliance needs!

When it comes to ensuring your equipment and people are able to work safely and with fully certified equipment, CenturyVallen (now Vallen) provides a one stop shop for all your compliance requirements. From tracking and maintaining your inventory at your facilities to providing you with the best of factory-trained technicians, we are sure we have all the answers to any of your safety compliance questions. Here are 5 ways, CenturyVallen (now Vallen) creates more value and more efficiency for your company, not to mention the peace of mind knowing your employees are working with properly maintained and serviced equipment:

1. Customer Inventory is where we shine – we track your equipment, so you do not have to, and at your own facility. Not only does this provide you with a pain free method of keeping your equipment up-to-date, but it will also aid in budgeting for future service work, so you are not hit with any unexpected expenses.

2. Mobile Service that is second to none – CenturyVallen (now Vallen) knows on-site services. In fact, we practically invented mobile services. For almost 15 years we have been servicing our customers with an elite fleet of fire extinguisher recharge trucks and mobile breathing air service trailers. These trucks and operators have saved our customers thousands of dollars and countless hours, by coming to them and providing them with services that would have taken work time from employees to accomplish. We have a ninja like staff, who get into a customer’s facility, services or replaces the equipment, and then is gone…with no one loosing any time fumbling around with boxes and packing tape.

3. Factory Trained Technicians – Trust the service techs the manufacturers trust – Our vendors have tremendous faith in CenturyVallen (now Vallen). This is shown in the number of manufacturers who trust us to service, repair and recertify their products and equipment. This list is a testament to the commitment of quality, the dedication and professionalism of our factory trained technicians: Ansul, Scott, MSA, Draeger, Survivair, Kito, CM, DBI, Miller, BW Technologies, and ISC. All of these companies have put there faith in CenturyVallen (now Vallen) and this resonates with us. From hoists, to breathing air, fire suppression, and fall protection, we meet almost every need you may have for the servicing of your equipment.

4. Let us ensure your certifications do not lapse – CenturyVallen (now Vallen) can provide you with a unique service, so you do not lose any work time because you did not realize a piece of equipment was due for recertification. We can keep track of all of your records, make appointments in advance, and contact you prior to the expiration date of certification. Let us be the ones to remember. And untie that pesky string from your finger.

5. We are truly a national company – We have fully trained technicians in three provinces in Canada – Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. And we can do some service work in parts of BC and Manitoba. Customers in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland also regularly send us their safety equipment to be recertified as well. Because we have mobile services, we can get to remote areas if need be, and can take on jobs many other companies cannot or will not.

If you are looking for a full coverage, full service and mobile company to take on all of your service, compliance and recertification needs, whether it be for fire protection or fall protection equipment, you can trust CenturyVallen (now Vallen). We have years of successful experience and a wealth of knowledge and training, just waiting to be utilized. With CenturyVallen (now Vallen) looking after your equipment, the safety of your employees is in good hands.

Compliance + Certification = Real Safety

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