In January 2016 the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) introduced a new standard called the ANSI/ISEA 105. The goal for updating this standard was to create consistency between ANSI and EN388 methods as well as to account of the recent advances in cut resistant yarns and technologies. The European Norm (EN) standard is still in the revision process and will be released later in 2016.


 What are the changes that are being made to the 2016 Cut Resistance standards?


• Both ANSI & EN 388 standards will now be required to measure cut resistance using the same machine: the TDM-100 machine

• The new 2016 ANSI cut test standard is called ASTM F2992-15

• In the 2016 En388 standard, it will be required that the EN ISO 13997 must also referenced on the En388 score as it also uses the TDM-100 Machine


 The 2016 Cut Resistance Ratings System


 The 2016 revision of the ANSI/ISEA 105 standard is a more expanded level of classification of cut resistance:

• The ANSI ASTM F2992-15 cut test method will feature 9 levels of cut resistance: A1-A9 with smaller increments between levels

• Additional levels have also been added to the higher end of the cut resistance scale to account for new cut resistant materials and technologies coming on to the market.


For the EN 388 cut test ratings, both the Coup Test cut score and ISO 13997 rating will be required to be represented on the En 388 score


• The new ISO 13997 rating will be represented by the letters A-F at the end of the score

• The current Coup Test ratings of 1-5 will remain for now

• The European norm EN 388 standard has now been released


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