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The Next Generation

Henkel created the technology known as LOCTITE® machinery adhesives and today maintains the worlds most
recognized line of products designed to increase reliability and prevent costly unscheduled equipment failure and
associated downtime. Recognizing changes in the evolution of manufactured machines, Henkel has developed
the next generation of high performance machinery adhesives.

Vallen Loctite


Next generation machinery adhesives ..
Provide more robust cure under real world production and
maintenance conditions.
Allow machinery to operate in harsher operating conditions.
Seal with reduced machining tolerances.
Simplifies the application process.
Supports the trend towards light-weight metals.
Flange sealant supports thinner, light-weight flange designs.


All product material specifications remain unchanged.
Material and package look and feel unchanged.
Shelf life stability is unchanged.
Major industry certifications still apply.
Updated technical data sheets and safety data sheets

Vallen Loctite
Vallen Loctite


Henkel continues to provide global innovation leadership
by being the first adhesive manufacturer to provide an
affordable, green solution for its anaerobic adhesive
packaging, allowing customers to meet sustainability goals
and recycle items that were previously non-recyclable.

Vallen Loctite

LOCTITE® 243™ Oil Tolerant
Medium Strength Threadlocker

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Vallen Loctite

New LOCTITE® 567™
Thread Sealant

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Vallen Loctite

New LOCTITE® 518™
Flange Sealant

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Vallen Loctite

Retaining Compound

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