Our mission is to provide our customers with the solutions they need to build and maintain a safe, healthy and productive workplace. It is our commitment to be “La Référence” for industrial and safety products and services in Canada.


Sustains and heightens daily on-the-job commitment

“True passions provide strength, which in turn are the source of courage”


  • Commitment in everyday work: the strength of our engagement
  • Keep on learning and sharing our know-how
  • Enthusiasm about our products and services
  • Desire to contribute to making things better and innovate

The bedrock of all our relationships

“The simplest way for someone to show respect is to listen”

Michael Zöllner

  • Basic of all our relationships and guarantee for our position in the longterm
  • An attitude: listen and learn
  • A behavior: show respect to win respect
  • Create trustful relationships to reinforce our added value

The key to business growth

“Everyone thinks he is 'one', that is not true, we are all 'several'”

Luigi Pirandello

  • The heart of our business (in touch with both customer and supplier)
  • Choose, train, motivate and involve our co-workers: the key to the Group development
  • Strengthen the pride of belonging to Sonepar through operating companies

Provide maximum technical support through strong customer engagement

“To be of service with all our power is the noblest task on earth”


  • Focus of our attention: listen to them, identify their needs, organize ourselves to satisfy them better
  • Be the technical support for our customers
  • Our customer-service quality: an added value to our suppliers
  • Provide a service of proximity

Profit is what keeps us free and independent

“Profit is not the final goal of a company, but the basic condition of its durability. And the best measure of success ”

Olivier Lecerf

  • Our guarantee for the future to our suppliers and customers
  • Allow us to develop, invest and remain independent
  • Result of our efforts and work in common

By learning from each other, we boost efficiency

“To get together is a start; to stay together is progress; to work together is success”

Henry Ford

  • Promote contacts, organize processes
  • Share ideas, know-how, experiences: learn from each other to increase our efficiency
  • Look for solutions together
  • Make profit of the many local cultures

Focusing on the future means seizing every opportunity to ensure that Sonepar thrives and survives

“A glance at the past only makes sense if it provides a vision of the future”

Konrad Adenauer

  • Seize opportunities
  • Take up challenges whenever one appears
  • Guarantee the perenity of Sonepar: profitable growth and lasting development

Both a challenge and an incentive for all of us to do better

“A great man should not be judged on the merit of his qualities, but rather on what he accomplishes with these. ”

La Rochefoucauld

  • To be acknowledged by customers, respected by suppliers and imitated by competitors
  • An everyday challenge on the field
  • A source of progress for each and every one
  • To be a quality leader