Vallen has more than 20 years of experience managing on-site product supply for our valued clients. Wherever they may be located, your construction project sites and plant shutdowns will benefit from Vallen’s on-site product supply solutions. Regardless of your workforce size, Vallen will improve your productivity, risk management and cost control with our mobile and scalable on-site supply programs.

By providing your own manned and managed client specific store, Vallen’s mobile supply business delivers productivity through:

  • Facilities: fully equipped mobile warehouses
  • Inventory: the right product and the right quantity to meet your standards
  • Systems: on-board communications system, bar coded for speed and accuracy
  • Control: inventory management, monitoring processes and expenditure controls
  • Reporting: comprehensive daily reporting, financial audit system and a single line invoice
  • Value: procurement and management in the field

Our Value

Value in the Field

  • Supports site compliance – dispense only approved PPE & consumables
  • Improves workforce control – limit walking time, limit access and limit over-consumption through tracking
  • Improves productivity – product is on-site when you need it, no time-consuming requisitions required, no shipments misplaced on site, 24-48 hour expedite delays and costs are avoided
  • Provides access to infrastructure – no need to build a temporary warehouse only to dismantle and remove from site when complete.
  • Avoid labour shortages– limit the need for on-site inventory management staff

Value to Procurement

  • Decreases customer workload
  • Improves control
  • Consignment inventory means you only pay for what you consume
  • Customized set up for product dispensing permissions and GL codes
  • Easy invoice management (weekly grouped invoices including special orders, labour, ins-outs & freight)
  • No clean-up and returns at the end of the project
  • Agreed-to specification and price for trailer product ensures site compliance and price predictability
  • Reduces rogue buying from site
  • Personal accountability and traceability reduces consumption

Value to Management

  • Reduces procurement workload
  • Solves temporary infrastructure requirements
  • Focuses on site safety compliance
  • Controls consumption and reduces waste
  • Accurate and complete cost allocation
  • Improves “cash to cash” cycle with consignment inventory

We have the solutions you need

By redefining local, our innovative programs put the right product, and the right amount, in the right place, at the right time. You only pay for what you’ve used, and when your project wraps up, we leave, and any excess inventory leaves with us too.

Spend less time managing products and more time managing your projects. Talk to our dedicated on-site team today.