To keep your workplace productive, you need the tools and supplies to help workers to do their jobs right. Vallen has an extensive inventory of tools and products from top brands in any industry. But we don’t just stop there, Vallen also offers reporting and tracking services so you can keep track of everything from tools to work hours and everything in between.

In our mission to be “La Reference” for all things productivity, we strive to ensure that you have what you need for any situation.

Working Smart Starts Here and here is where you can develop and maintain a productive workplace. Vallen’s experts can help develop the right solution for you. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about Vallen’s safety products, facilities maintenance products and industrial products, as well as our technical services.

You can find us participating in:

  • Fort McMurray Oilsands Trade Show
  • Fort McMurray Shutdowns Superconference
  • Global Petroleum Show
  • Manitoba Mining & Mineral Convention
  • Saskatchewan Mining Associations General Meeting & Tradeshow
  • Saskatchewan Mining Forum
  • Southern Alberta Petroleum
  • Supply Chain Management Association
  • University of Saskatchewan Partners Tradeshow

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