Vallen offers the tools and resources to give any industrial workplace what it needs to be safe. You need to make sure your life-saving equipment is in top condition at all times. At Vallen, not only do we sell life saving products and equipment, we are certified to maintain it too.

In our goal to be “La Référence” for all things safety, we strive to ensure that you have what you need for any situation.

Working Smart Starts Here and here is where you can develop and maintain a productive workplace. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about Vallen’s safety products, facilities maintenance products and industrial products, as well as our technical services.

Subscribers to the following Contractor Management Systems:

  • Purchasing Services Company
  • ComplyWorks
  • CQ Network
  • ISNetworld
  • PICS

You can find us participating in:

  • Banff Show
  • Safety Services Manitoba Conference
  • Safety Week in all Vallen branches
  • Saskatchewan Safety Show
  • Industrial Safety Seminar/Tradeshow
  • Standard Aero Safety Week
  • Manitoba Mine Rescue Competition
  • Saskatchewan Mine Rescue

We have personal members in:

  • The Alberta Construction Safety Association Safety Committee
  • The Wood Buffalo Regional Safety Committee
  • American Safety Supply Association
  • Medicine Hat local chapter of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers
  • Saskatchewan Mining

If you think there is something Vallen should be a part of, we want to know. Contact Us