Efficient, low-cost inventory management

Our cost-effective Vendor Managed Inventory program manages low value, high volume consumables. Our process facilitates optimum inventory replenishment, reliable supply and reduced inventory levels. Vallen’s VMI program can help your company find solutions to common inventory issues including:

  • Excessive inventories
  • Multiple products for a single application
  • Wasted time managing low value items
  • Bin allocation issues
  • Product and tool misidentification

With Vallen’s Vendor Managed Inventory program, you can virtually eliminate redundancies in your procurement process. Best of all, your organization will consume the product before you pay for it.

Interested in learning more about how VMI implementation works? See below for a detailed list:

  • Vallen experts will review your key production, maintenance and administrative process
  • We then review your products and establish optimal inventory levels
  • Purchasing and accounting requirements are reviewed to support effective invoicing, EDI, cost coding and process compatibilities (Summary invoicing is optional)
  • Storage areas are reviewed for set-up efficiencies (This includes identification of satellite sites)
  • Open Bin items are identified
  • All items and optimal inventory levels are loaded into our ERP system
  • Bin locations are identified and barcoded
  • Our representatives review inventories and scan replenishment quantities into our system on a set schedule
  • Orders are processed electronically and shipped from our nearest location
  • Appropriate housekeeping practices are implemented
  • Representatives use reliable historical data to optimize inventory levels on a continual basis

With our proven system, we will work with you to reduce your stock and maintain a reliable supply level while increasing your working capital. We take care of everything so you can work smart, and save money while you do it.