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After more than 75 years of experience and sustained growth, and following a number of mergers and an acquisition by Hagemeyer and parent Sonepar, CenturyVallen made the decision to stand under a new banner that better represents the company as a whole: introducing Vallen.

Now, with 21 branches across the country and headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Vallen is one of the most experienced and innovative industrial goods and service suppliers in the country.

Recent News:

Mining Safety at Michael A. Riffel High School

Vallen employees Graham Linton and Tom Hamann in conjunction with Michael A. Riffel High School, Regina, have developed a one semester program that prepares students to enter the mining industry upon completing their Grade 12.  Students receive instruction on various safety programs such as 1st Aid, SCBA proficiency, APR Respirator training, gas detection and much more. This pre-training gives them …

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